"ELECTRON” is a trademark of national television set, known by its traditionally perfect quality and reliability, which had entered history of TV manufacturing as one of the biggest and popular brand since 1957. "ELECTRON” tv-set has been an etalon of using modern innovations for years. 

Today’s "ELECTRON” television plant is a company which continues traditions of well-known national trademark.

Production of modern "ELECTRON” television set is based on using components of different world-known brands which are known for their high technical characteristics and extended set of service functions. 

Products of enterprise were repeatedly awarded with different prizes and rewards such as a laureate and winner of competitions «The Best domestic commodity of year», «The 100 best commodities of Ukraine», «The leader of industry» etc.

All "Electron” TV set models are fully certified and tested.

Production of "Electron” Television plant is certified by ISO-9001-2009 "Control system of quality (№ UA.2.022.04436-10)”.

Sales and service are provided by a big network of trade companies and authorized services throughout Ukraine.

50 years authority of "Electron” brand lays on us as manufacturer high responsibility. We highly value trust of our customers and partners and are very thankful for brand loyalty.

We are always glad to welcome new partners, which will show desire to establish partnership with our company.

Our contacts:

e-mail:     d.ivano@tv.electron.ua

phone:     +38-032-239-55-89+38-032-239-55-89

fax:         +38-032-239-59-58

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