1918 - foundation of «Contact» electrical engineering workshop in Lviv.

1927 – creation of «Contact» Electrotechnical plant. The products of the plant are: different electrical appliances, telephone sets, switchboards, electrical technique.

1938 - «Contact» developed its own branches and representative offices in Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Katovice, Lyublin, Vilno, Poznan and Bilostok, and also in Germany - in Dancing. The capital of enterprise is more than 1 million zlotikh.

1939 - «Contact» plant was nationalized and renamed to «Electromechanical plant «Contact».

1955 - on the base of «Contact» factory and the Lviv «Vodomir» factory «Lviv plant of measuring devices» was created. The main products were electrical and water counters.

1957 - on October, 4, 1957 by the decision of National economy counsil of Lviv economic district «Lviv television plant» was established. The first television set of brand «Lviv» was manufactured.

1960 – production of television sets of «Verkhovina» series began, which were considered as the best television set in its class.

1963 - the serial production of television sets of the second generation began - «Ogonek» and «Electron», which became base models for television sets «Izumrud», «Chayka», «Berizka», «Voskhod» and «Rubin».

1971 – the first serial colour television sets 700 series in the country were produced. They were: «Electron-701», «Electron-703» and others. «Electron-714» and «Electron-718» got special fame, and became base models for «Rubin», «Sadko», «Lazur» television sets.

1973 – the first in a USSR fully semiconductor «Electron-215» television set was developed.

1979 – production of television sets of the third generation was developed and started. «Electron- C-265» television set of the highest class was produced for the first time in the country. There was used universal block module with 67cm picture tube.

1980-1991the fourth each television set in USSR was television set of«Electron» brand. «Electron» became the unique soviet brand which was exported to the Western Europe.

1993 - a total amount of manufactured «Electron» television sets reached 15 million pcs.

2006 - company started production of 20, 26, 32 and 37 inches liquid-crystal TV-sets.

2010 – start of production of digital LCD TV sets with screen sizes 16, 19, 22, 26, 32 and 42 inches.